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 <​code:​bash>​mdamd --detail /​dev/​md125</​code>​ <​code:​bash>​mdamd --detail /​dev/​md125</​code>​
 +grep for State
 +===== create mdadm.conf =====
 +<​code:​bash>​mdadm --detail --scan --verbose >> /​etc/​mdadm.conf</​code>​
 +This also shows devices UUID
 +===== SELinux RAID fix =====
 +<​code:​bash>​restorecon -R /​mnt/​raid1</​code>​
 +where ''/​mnt/​raid1''​ is the mount path of the RAID
 +===== References =====
 +Reenable a disabled array:
 +Rescue mbr/UEFI:
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