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Travel Directions

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By flight

Normally, international travelers to Lund should arrive to the Copenhagen Airport (even though it is in another country, Schengen zone rules apply) and take the commuter train to Lund. In some special cases, other routes are possible, as described below.

To Lund via Copenhagen airport

Copenhagen airport (Kastrup, CPH) is the nearest big international airport (50km from Lund). From the airport you can get to Malmö and Lund by the Øresundstågen train over the Øresund-bridge. Tickets can be purchased at the airport Terminal 3 (international arrival hall), in vending machines or in the Danish DSB ticket office. The price of 103 DKK or 130 SEK (both Swedish and Danish machines exist). Major credit cards are accepted everywhere. The ticket office accepts cash only in local currency (no Euros).

Trains from the airport to Lund (via Malmö) run every 10-20 minutes depending on time of the day, and leave from "Track 1" (opposite way is Copenhagen, do not take a train to Copenhagen when going to Lund!). Up-to-date time-tables are available here. The ride to Lund takes 35-37 minutes.

It is also possible to rent a car (Hertz, EuropCar, Avis, Sixt, Budget) or even take a taxi, if there is an emergency. Taxi prices are very steep, order of EUR 200.

To Lund via Malmö Sturup airport

Malmö Sturup airport (MMX) is situated about 30 km from Lund. The airport operates mainly domestic and charter flights.

From Malmö airport there are frequent "Flygbussen" bus connections (Bus 111) to the centre of Lund, the trip is 35-40 minutes. Price: 99 SEK.

One can also take a taxi from the Sturup airport, but it is generally very expensive and starts at SEK 500 if not booked in advance.

To Lund via Stockholm airport

Stockholm airport is 600 km away from Lund!

If you still want to travel via Stockholm, a simple solution would be to book your flight to Malmö via Stockholm, and follow the instructions above upon arrival to Malmö.

A cheeper, but more lengthy, solution, will be to take a train from Stockholm to Lund. This will consist of two steps:
a) take the Arlanda Express from the Stockholm airport to the railway station. Tickets can be purchased at the airport, and it's fairly simple to locate the train.
b) take a train from Stockholm to Lund. Trains depart every hour or even more often, and you need to get a place reservation. High-speed train X2000 brings you to Lund in about 4 hours 14 min, and normal Intercity train will take 6 hours or more, depending on departure time.

By train

Most international trains arrive in Copenhagen railway station. From there one should take an "Øresundst&aaring;g" train to Sweden - they all stop in Lund.

If you have chosen to arrive to Stockholm by ferry, then you would have to take a train to Lund from Stockholm. Every ferry has a shuttle bus service to the railway station. For further instructions, see above

By ferry

The following ferry connections exist:

To Southern Sweden (bus connection to Lund)
This is convenient in the sense that you may travel over night and sleep on the ferry.
The departure time in the summer is 23.30 in the evening and the arrival time 07.30 the following morning. From Trelleborg there are some busses directly to Lund (Bus 165) and some connections via Malmö (Bus 146) where you change to either (Bus 171) which stops outside the istitute (Note: only working days). You may also choose (Bus 130) or (Bus 131, only working days) which takes to the centre of Lund.
Rostock - Trelleborg (TT-line)
Rostock - Trelleborg (Scandlines)
There is a fast boat which takes less than 3 hours and a normal ferry which takes about 6 hours. Also here it is possible to go over night and sleep on the ferry.
Busses to Lund via Malmö as above.
The travel time is about 4 hours. Busses to Lund as above.
Swinoujscie-Ystad (Polferries)
A night ferry which takes about 10 hours. There is a bus connection directly to Lund: (Bus Skåneexpressen 6).
Swinoujscie-Ystad (Unity Line Ltd.)
There are three departures per day and bus connections directly to Lund (Bus Skåneexpressen 6).

To Stockholm (train connection to Lund)
Each ferry has a bus shuttle connection to the railway station. Read about trains above.
Helsinki-Stockholm, Silja Line The ferry goes overnight, departing Helsinki at 17:00 and arriving to Stockholm at 9:30.
Helsinki-Stockholm, Viking Line The ferry goes overnight, departing Helsinki at 17:30 and arriving to Stockholm at 9:30. Differs with Silja Line in price only.
Turku-Stockholm, Silja Line Service twice a day, one ferry going 9:10 - 19:15, and another overnight, 21:15-07:00.
Turku-Stockholm, Viking Line Service twice a day, one ferry going 08:50 - 18:55, and another overnight, 21:00-06:30. Differs with Silja Line in price only.
Tallinn-Stockholm, Estline The ferry goes overnight, departing from Tallinn at 18:00 and arriving to Stockholm at 9:00.

By Car

One can drive via Copenhagen and the Øresund-bridge (crossing fee 38 EUR one way) directly to Lund; it is also possible to rent a car in the airport. See yur favorite route planner for driving directions.

You also can bring your car on the ferries above or you can go via Denmark the following routes:

Ferry from Germany to Denmark Puttgarden-Rødby
Take E47 in the direction of Copenhagen/Helsingør
Ferry from Germany to Denmark Rostock-Gedser
Take E55 in the direction of Copenhagen. It later connects to E47.
For the rest follow instruction above.
Ferry from Denmark to Sweden Helsingør-Helsingborg (north of Malmö). Take the E6 back south in direction to Malmö/Trelleborg, and then exit at Lund.

Going from Malmö to Lund by train

From Malmö to Lund there are frequent local trains. These are called "Pågatågen" and they have a violet colour which makes them easy to recognize. If you haven't bought a ticket to Lund in Copenhagen, you should buy it from special vending machines. Tickets cannot be bought either on the train, or at the ticket office. The trip takes about 15 minutes.

From Malmö to Lund by taxi

A bit of warning if you want to use a taxi: In the taxi business there roams a wrongly-understood free competition. You HAVE TO ask for a fixed price and agree on the price in beforehand, and ask for a receipt. Taxicabs normally accept all major credit cards. A price around 300 SEK can be considered as a normal price, but you may end up in paying more than 500 SEK being a tourist, if you are not careful. Worst known price from Sturup airport to Lund is 1300 SEK.

How to reach Fysicum

The Physics Institute (Fysicum) is within a walking distance from the railway station in Lund (ca 15 minutes). An alternative is to take the bus Nr.1 from the "Clemenstorget" stop (across the street from the station, at a small square) and exit at "Fysiologen". A taxi is also an option: MiniTaxi and TaxiLund offer fixed prices during working hours.

In general, Lund is a small town and everything is within a walking distance. There are just 6 regular bus lines. Bus schedules can eventually be found at the local public transportation authority site, and the map of bus lines is available here.

Relevant maps

There is a nice interactive map showing Fysicum's location - Swedish only (click "Flygfoto" to see how it looks in summer). Other maps of Lund with some important places (the Physics department and hotels) marked can be found here or here. There is also a map showing location of the Hospital's Guest House. Also available is the floor plan of the Institute of Physics (Fysicum).

Hotels in Lund

Information on hotels can be found here.


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