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1. Kerberos
   Kerberos is the system Arla uses for authentication of users and services on the network. The latest version can be found at the Centre for Parallel Computers at KTH. They also provide documentation should that be necessary.

* Unpack and untar the distribution. Install Kerberos with:

> ./configure
> make
> make install

* Create a configuration file /etc/krb.conf with the following information:

   RHIC admin server

* Create a /etc/krb.realms file containing the lines:


* In the Kerberos build directory there is a sub directory, etc/, containing the file 'services.append'. Add this file to your /etc/services with:

> cp /etc/services /etc/services.no_new_krb4
> cd [your krb build area]/etc
> cat services.append >>/etc/services

To avoid possible confusion, comment all older references to Kerberos 4 in the /etc/services file (look for the same port numbers as in the appended file rather than the 'kerberos4' or 'kerberos-iv' entries).

* Add /usr/athena/bin to your PATH variable. This directory contain e.g. the kinit and kauth commands.

* Check Kerberos with a 'kinit [your RCF user name]'. If everything worked, you should have received a ticket! (Check with klist.)

Pål Nilsson, June 2000.


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