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4. PHENIX specific offline software compiled: Preco
This step describes how to set up, compile and run the preco package.

Simply perform the following steps:

1. Set the PRECO environment variable for conveniece. Use e.g. the data19 (PC) disk:

> setenv PRECO "/phenix/data19/${USER}/preco"

2. Go to a suitable directory (e.g. data19 as above) and create the following directories:


3. Checkout the preco package:

> cd preco
> cvs -l checkout -d source offline/framework/preco

4. Create the Makefile etc and set the preco library destination:

> cd build
> ../source/ --prefix=$PRECO/install

5. Build and install:

> make
> make install

6. Setup the work directory:

> cd ../wrk
> source /afs/rhic/phenix/software/calibration/data/LuxorEnv

7. Choose a dataset:

> /afs/rhic/phenix/software/calibration/data/ -h

Pick e.g. run 9942 which belongs to dataset 4 with:

> /afs/rhic/phenix/software/calibration/data/ 4 9942

Set a soft link to the prdf file:

> ln -s /phenix/data11/evt_data/EVENTDATAxxx_P01-0000009942-0000.PRDFF data.prdf

8. You are now ready to run root:

> root -b
(root starts)
root [0] gSystem->Load("../install/lib/");

Welcome to pmonitor. Type phelp() for help
root [1] pfileopen("data.prdf");
root [2] poutfileopen("dstout.root");
root [3] setRunNumber(9942);
root [4] prun(20);
(a lot of messages)
root [5] pexit();

The dst file should now be created:
rcas2020: ls dstout.root
-rw-r--r-- 1 nilsson rhphenix 4561046 May 18 14:16 dstout.root

Pål Nilsson, June 2000.


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