2nd ECFA/DESY Study on Physics and Detectors
for a Linear Electron-Positron Collider

28-30 June 1998

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By flight

To Malmö airport

Malmö airport is situated about 25 km from Lund. Direct connections to Europe only exist for:

1) Amsterdam (KLM)
2) London (Malmö Aviation)

From Malmö airport there are frequent bus connections (Bus 111). to the centre of Lund.

Price 60 SEK

To Malmö via Copenhagen airport

Copenhagen airport is the big airport in the area where most international flight arrive and depart. There are connections to Malmö via a fast boat which is operated by SAS like a normal flight i.e. your luggage is transfered automatically and can be reclaimed in Malmö This means that it is important for your own convenience and in order to save money to always book your flight all the way to Malmö. The boat arrives in Malmö centre some 300 meters from the railway station. Trains to Lund as explained below.

If you for some reason prefer not to follow this advise, and only book your flight to Copenhagen, you have to pick up your luggage at Copenhages airport.
In this case there are busses (Bus 109) outside the terminal in Copenhagen which takes you to Malmö railway station via a boat trip of about 30 minutes (the bus goes on the boat so you can leave your luggage in the bus). The full trip takes about 90 minutes. Trains to Lund as explained below.
There are also some bus connections (Bus 109) directly to Lund.

Price 110 SEK

Another possibility is to take a bus outside the arrival terminal which takes you to the 'Flygbåtarna' (fast boat) in Copenhagen.
'Flygbåtarna' arrives opposite the railway station in Malmö.

Price 125 SEK

A tip for the boat trip is that you may watch the construction of the upcoming bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen as you approach Malmö

Taxi in Sweden

A bit of warning if you want to use a taxi. This is a free market and if you have not agreed on a price beforehand you may have a very bad experience. There are also various sizes of cabs which charge different prices. Taxicabs normally accept all major credit cards.

By train

International trains arrive in Copenhagen railway station. From there you are advised to take a taxi to the harbour (price about 50-70 DKR) from where there are fast boats to Malmö centre (Flygbåtarna). Trains to Lund as explained below.

Price 99 SEK

By ferry

The following ferry connections exist:
This is convenient in the sense that you may travel over night and sleep on the ferry.
The departure time in the summer is 23.30 in the evening and the arrival time 07.30 the following morning. From Trelleborg there are some busses directly to Lund (Bus 165) and some connections via Malmö (Bus X146) where you change to either (Bus 171) which stops outside the istitute (Note: only working days). You may also choose (Bus 130) or (Bus 131, only working days) which takes to the centre of Lund.
Price 40 SEK
Rostock Trelleborg (TT-line)
Rostock Trelleborg (Scandlines)
There is a fast boat which takes less than 3 hours and a normal ferry which takes about 6 hours. Also here it is possible to go over night and sleep on the ferry.
Busses to Lund via Malmö as above.
The travel time is about 4 hours. Busses to Lund as above.
Swinoujscie-Malmö (Polferries)
There is a fast boat which takes 4 hours and 15 minutes and a normal ferry which takes about 10 hours. Overnight trips are possible. Trains to Lund as explained below
Swinoujscie-Ystad (Unity Line Ltd.)
There are three departures per day and bus connections directly to Lund (Bus X300).

By Car

You can bring your car on the ferries above or you can go via Denmark the following routes:
Ferry from Germany to Denmark Puttgarden-Rødby
Take E47 in the direction of Copenhagen. Just before Copenhagen watch out for signs towards Dragör
Ferry from Germany to Denmark Rostock-Gedser
Take E55 in the direction of Copenhagen. It later connects to E47.
For the rest follow instruction above
Ferry from Denmark to Sweden Dragör-Limhamn (the south of Malmö)

Going from Malmö to Lund

From Malmö to Lund there are frequent local trains. These are called "Pågatågen" and they have a violet colour which makes them easy to recognize. Tickets can be bought from special vending machines. The trip takes about 15 minutes.

Price 30 SEK