The aim of this web page is to give examples of possible bachelor and master projects.

You are also welcome just to pass by my office for a chat. I cannot guarantee that I am always around.

Our research is focused on the so-called Quark Gluon Plasma and good introductory articles are:

Data analysis

A hot topic at the moment is collective behavior in small systems (p-Pb, pp?, peripheral Pb-Pb?), where you can read my thoughts on this here
Examples of previous projects:

Projects supervised by David Silvermyr


Both for the ILC (future linear collider) and the ALICE TPC upgrade we are involved in the analysis of test beam data. There is also new ILC data to analyze, and for the ALICE TPC upgrade there will be a test of new hardware at CERN in November or December (2014) that might be a possible to join and at least fresh data to look at.


We are working on simulating the ALICE TPC upgrade where we will have a new GEM readout (we have a reasonable big involvement there). I am also involved in the planning of a possible neutrino experiment at ESS.

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