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Else Lytken
Senior Lecturer

Contact Information

Phone: +46 (0)46 222 3060
Mailing Address: Division of Particle Physics
Department of Physics
Lund University
Box 118
SE 221 00 Lund

Research interests:

I work mainly on searches for beyond the Standard Model physics in the lepton sector and have many results on searches for Supersymmetry, Doubly-charged higgs bosons, and inclusive same-charge searches. Currently my students and I am active at the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider and focusing on searches for scalar resonances with lepton flavor violating (LFV) decays and the connection to heavy neutrinos.

Potential student projects (masters, bachelors, phd) include:
-Studies of hadronically decaying tau leptons, optimize the selection
-Study the fully-hadronic final states of 2 or 4 taus
-Discriminating between prompt electrons and muons versus those from tau decays
-Tau charge misidentification
- Compare signal samples with traditional MC generators with new generators taking into account effects of quark-gluon plasma.
-Simulate new final states such as associated production of H++ with singly charged higgs, or singly-charged higgs models together with W or Z bosons
-Investigate LFV of the Standard Model Higgs by comparing the h to 3 muons 1 electron rate to the generic h to 4leptons
-And of course new students are always welcome to join studies for the upgraded LHC.