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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +===== System becomes unresponsive and crashes =====
 +==== Akonadi+nepomuk eating all CPU power and memory ====
 +You can spot this if you login to a terminal and run ''​top''​. You'll see processes that contain ''​akonadi''​ in the name taking over 100% of all cores and memory.
 +To solve this problem,
 +- Login on terminal or ssh to any machine with your user.
 +- cd into your home folder, and run the following:<​code bash>
 +   rm -rf .local/​share/​akonadi
 +   rm -rf .config/​akonadi
 +   rm .kde4/​share/​config/​akonadi*
 +- logout and try to login graphically. Akonadi should not freak out
 +==== nfs4 mount problems ====
 +Due to incompatibility trough versions on nfs4, if in the logs such an error appears:
 +<code io>
 +Jun 12 13:57:55 balder automount[3145]:​ umount_autofs_indirect:​ ask umount returned busy /nfs
 +then it seemed more stable to switch to nfs3. This is done in '/​etc/​nfsmount.conf'​. Please ask the administrator for such a fix.
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