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Problems @ Matfys

In this page I am trying to collect all the issues that I solved from time to time, so that I remember how to fix those if needed.

Very slow graphical interface on workstation

Disable Desktop Effects in KDE

- Click on the KDE icon and search for Desktop Effects - Disable effects as in this picture:

The above picture belongs to this blog you might want to have a read:

NVIDIA video card issues

In systems running nvidia graphical cards, sometimes the video driver gets messed up with cached info. To fix this, run the following as normal user while logged in e.g. KDE:

nvidia-settings -a PixmapCache=0

Affected systems so far:

root@jarjar 11.4 ~> lspci | grep VGA
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G98 [GeForce 8400 GS] (rev a1)

System becomes unresponsive and crashes

Akonadi+nepomuk eating all CPU power and memory

You can spot this if you login to a terminal and run top. You'll see processes that contain akonadi in the name taking over 100% of all cores and memory.

To solve this problem, - Login on terminal or ssh to any machine with your user. - cd into your home folder, and run the following:

   rm -rf .local/share/akonadi
   rm -rf .config/akonadi
   rm .kde4/share/config/akonadi*

- logout and try to login graphically. Akonadi should not freak out anymore.

nfs4 mount problems

Due to incompatibility trough versions on nfs4, if in the logs such an error appears:

Jun 12 13:57:55 balder automount[3145]: umount_autofs_indirect: ask umount returned busy /nfs

then it seemed more stable to switch to nfs3. This is done in '/etc/nfsmount.conf'. Please ask the administrator for such a fix.

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