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MegaRAID storCLI quick reference

binary usually located in /opt/MegaRAID/storcli/storcli64

Useful commands

Find controller id

storcli show all

List all controller info

/c0 stands for controller with id 0

storcli /c0 show all

List all volumes info

storcli /c0/vall show all

List specific volume info

/v0 stands for volume with id 0

storcli /c0/v0 show all

Find enclosure ID

storcli /c0/eall show

List specific enclosure info

/e133 stands for volume with id 133

storcli /c0/e133 show all

Find Physical drives IDs

storcli /c0/e133/sall show

Get specific Physical drive info

GHS = Global Hot Spare

storcli /c0/e133/s0 show all
storcli /c0/pall show all

Create Volume


  • raid6
  • name alicedisk
  • drives: enclosure:drive 0 to 6
  • Strip: 1MB
storcli /c0 add vd r6 name=alicedisk drives=133:0-6 Strip=1024

Check background activity

Usually initialization or rebuild. Weird thing is that initialization is not shown properly when in background mode.

storcli/c0/v0 show bgi
storcli/c0/v0 show init

setup hotspare

One needs to identify the enclosure for this to work and list all physical drives.

This adds s7

storcli /c0/e133/s7 add hotsparedrive

Consistency check status (remember to schedule!)

storcli /c0 show cc
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