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IT Services for Particle Physics

This page describes IT services for the former division of Particle Physics.

For the division of Particle and Nuclear physics, documentation is not yet available, but most of this content applies.

The reference pages for the former division of Theoretical Particle Physics are available here:

Accounts Accounts Backup Backup Printing Printing Scanning Scanning
Useful links Useful links IT Helpdesk IT Helpdesk Procurements Procurements


Particle Physics account

The Particle Physics account gives access to the following services:

  1. Division ssh gateway
  2. print system at particle physics
  3. storage access via Samba for windows and MacOS (only upon request)

Division ssh gateway

Gives access to machines inside the division, mostly servers and workstations. To get an account on the division gateway contact Florido. Used mainly to access servers within particle physics nowadays


Aurora: big computations, in collaboration with Lunarc

LUCAT accounts

I can help out with Lucat issues. This includes:

  • Permissions on your LUCAT ID
  • Temporary eduroam WiFi accounts for conference participants


I can help fixing issues with doors access.

IT Helpdesk

I take care of helping the staff with their computing.

  • Technical issues and office devices (screens, keyboards etc)
  • What hardware to buy and ordering hardware
  • Software maintenance and helpdesk
  • Office hours: every day 11:00 - 12:00
  • Available via email anytime. Contact me to book a time outside the above.


I can help out sorting out some of the details of public procurements. Sweden and LU have somewhat strict rules, you can't just buy from anyone.

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