The best Soviet players of all times

The Statistics Foundation of the newsgroup is currently putting together a "Greatest Players Archive", which is supposed to be a list of about 250 world class players in the history of football, along with biogaphies and stastistics etc.. Lev Yashin and Oleg Blokhin were the only Soviet players being on the list at the moment when we desided to conduct a poll on the Internet about great Soviet football players.

In six weeks I got about half a hundred lists of best players.

Here is the alphabeticaly sorted list of named players (except of Yashin and Blokhin) ((position, born, club)...votes):

Fyodor Cherenkov, Eduard Streltsov and Rinat Dassayev collected more than 10 votes each. David Kipiani, Alexandre Zavarov and Vsevolod Bobrov got 5 votes or more.

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