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The site is frozen

Dear friends! I am sorry to announce discontinuation of this site. I was maintaining it in my spare time, which shrinked dramaticaly recently due to other commitments. On the other hand, there is plenty of professionaly managed sites, where you can find all the relevant information. I would strongly recommend the Russian Professional Football League for Russian-speaking fans, and The Daily Soccer for those who read English. This site will continue existing in a frozen state as a reference, at least for a while.

Oxana Smirnova


Russian Premiership, Day 21 (August 11):
161. CSKA Moscow - "Rostselmash" Rostov-na-Donu 0:0
162. "Rotor" Volgograd - "Torpedo-ZIL" Moscow 0:0
163. "Spartak" Moscow - "Saturn" Moscow Region 0:0
164. "Chernomorets" Novorossijsk - "Fakel" Voronezh 1:0
165. "Sokol" Saratov - "Dinamo" Moscow 2:1
166. "Zenit" St.Petersburg - "Kryliya Sovetov" Samara 1:1
167. "Lokomotiv" Moscow - "Torpedo" Moscow 3:1
168. "Anzhi" Makhachkala - "Alaniya" Vladikavkaz 3:2

WC-2002 Qualification:
April 25:Yugoslavia - Russia 0:1

WC-2002 Qualification:
March 24: Russia - Slovenia 1:1
March 28: Russia - Faroe Islands 1:0


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