Radiation biology multiple-choice questions

Chapter 1: The physics and chemistry of radiation absorption

Chapter 2: DNA strand breaks and chromosomal aberrations

Chapter 3: Cell survival curves

Chapter 4: Radiosensitivity and cell age in the mitotic cycle

Chapter 5: Repair of radiation damage and the dose-rate effect

Chapter 6: The oxygen effect and reoxygenation

Chapter 7: Linear energy transfer and relative biological effectiveness

Chapter 8: Acute effects of total-body irradiation

Chapter 10: Radiation carcinogenesis

Chapter 11: Hereditary effects of radiation

Chapter 12: Effects of radiation on the embryo and fetus

Chapter 13: Radiation cataractogenesis

Chapter 14: Doses and risks in diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology
and cardiology, and nuclear medicine

Chapter 15: Radiation protection

Chapter 18: Dose-response relationships for model normal tissues

Chapter 21: Cell, tissue and tumor kinetics

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March 2004
Christina Zacharatou Jarlskog