Leif Jönsson

Name: Leif Jönsson
Title: Professor
Office: A321
Phone: ++46 - (0)46 2227692
Radiation monitor and forward muon in H1



Since I started as a research student at the Department of Particle Physics, Lund University, in 1968 I have been involved in experiments at the Lund Electron Synchrotron, at the DESY Electron Synchrotron, at the CERN Intersecting Storage Rings ISR and at the e+ e- storage ring DORIS at DESY. At present I participate with my research group in the H1 experiment at the ep collider HERA at DESY. I have also an ongoing detector development project. Since 1978 I have been in charge of the Lund research engagement at DESY. During all these years I have spent a large proportion of my time at the research laboratories where the experiments have been performed, including a permanent stay at CERN for two years. All the experiments I have been involved in have been done with electronic detectors.

This experimental work covers a wide range of physics, involving both fixed target experiments and collider experiments as well as detector and electronics development.

Activities, previous and present

  Lecture notes of FYSC14 - Particle Physics

  Experiments at the Lund Electron Synchrotron 1968-76
  The Delbrück experiment 1969-73
  Experiments at the CERN ISR 1971-79
  Experiments at the DORIS e+e- collider at DESY 1977-92
  The H1 experiment at HERA 1988-
  The Linear Collider 1996-
  Other activities


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