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Peak finder and HOLD generation

When the HOLD is sent, the current minibunch number is stored in the status register 1,as well as the current status of its threshold line. There are three bits for each module, i.e. we can accept at most eight minibunches (numbered 0 to 7), in addition to the single bit for the threshold status.

In order to generate the signals with the proper timing, there are programmable registers for:

The number of minibunches and the bunch interspace time must be provided from the central DELPHI Data Acquisition System.

A separate hold is generated for each VSAT module, and sent to the auxilliary backplane. By setting a bit in CSR0 is it possible to bypass the peak finder. In this case are the HOLDs taken directly from WNG1 and WNG2:

Ulf Mjoernmark
Fri Apr 21 14:33:36 METDST 1995