First Announcement

"Partikeldagarna 2002" will take place in Lund, on 11-12 April, 2002. All sessions will take place in the Lecture Hall B of the Fysicum (Professorsgatan 1, building H on the map).

Registration deadline is March 15, 2002. Conference fee is SEK 150:-, and the dinner cost is SEK 350:- Transfers should be made to the Postgiro account 4541586-6. The registration form is available on the Web. Participants willing to give a talk are requested to fill the Contribution form.

Rooms are reserved for the participants at the following hotels:

Hotel details can be found here, and the rooms will be booked by the organisers according to the registration forms. Participants have to pay the accomodation themselves.

The conference dinner will take place on April 11, at 20:00, at the "Pelarsalen" of the Lund University Main Building (Paradisgatan 2)