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 ====== A. Using the department copy machine ====== ====== A. Using the department copy machine ======
 +This is the **recommended** way to scan as it should work most of the time. It also sends the scans directly to your email.
 +The copy machine is located near the reception. It requires a **code** to access the //scanner service//. Ask Florido or Bozena for the exact location and the  code.
 +You can print this page and bring it with you at the reception.
 +  - Access the scanner service by pressing this button: {{ :​it_services:​pf:​scan:​scanbutton.jpg?​500 |}}
 +  - Insert the code to access the next dialog.
 +  - Insert your original document in the scanner tray. It can be the autoloader on top or the copy machine scanner surface.
 +  - In the screen below, add the destination email. Click on "​Manual Entry" to add an email user to the list of emails. If you're already there you can search in the address book for your name. You can also add yourself permanently by pressing "Prg. Dest." {{ :​it_services:​pf:​scan:​addemail.jpg?​500 |}}
 +  - Start the scan with the button: {{:​it_services:​pf:​scan:​startscan.jpg?​100|}}
 +    - Follow the on-screen instructions to create a multipage document.
 +  - :!::!: **VERY IMPORTANT** :!::!: **LOGOUT** from the copy machine when you're done or the division will be billed for other people'​s scans/​printouts. You can do this by pressing **together** the **red** and **yellow** buttons. {{ :​it_services:​pf:​scan:​logout.jpg?​500 |}}
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