The Nordic Context

The Nordic experimental particle physics groups are quite small, consisting typically of 5 to 10 researchers and technical/administrative personnel, and few students. Therefore, the groups can benefit from inter-Nordic collaboration to gain more weight within large collaborations. In order to create real centers-of-excellence, new ideas are required, and these can be best worked out in close collaboration with theoretical colleagues. For theoretical particle physicists, on the other hand, it will be most gratifying to get the chance to have his/her models tested in experiments.

Nordic LHC-workshops were organized in 1990-1994. These workshops, which were supported by NorFa and which took place in Oslo, Copenhagen, Lund, Uppsala and Helsinki, were joint meetings of Nordic experimental particle physicists at the time in which the LHC programme was taking shape. Those workshops contributed significantly to forming the present LHC participation of the Nordic groups.

Now the experiments are under construction, and it is the right time to resurrect the Nordic collaboration, enlarged to include both theoretical and experimental particle physicists, and to make the collaboration centered around selected physics topics.

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