The network programme

We concentrate on the following physics topics:

  • SUSY scenarios — investigation of new decays
  • connection to string theories — extra dimensions
  • Higgs sector, in various scenarios within and beyond the Standard Model
  • CP-violation in B-decays, rare B-decays, top-decays

An important aspect of the network is training of research students. Since the Nordic research groups are small, it is difficult to provide up-to-date education spanning over a wide range of rapidly evolving topics. In the framework of the network, we have already provided courses on:

  • Higgs physics: A. Read, Oslo 2001; E. Richter-Was, Bergen 2003; D. Rainwater, D. Miller, Copenhagen 2004
  • Supersymmetry: J. Kalinowski, J. Rosiek, B. Grzadkowski, A. Lipniacka, S. Hellman, Stockholm 2001; G. Polesello, Bergen 2003; S. Kraml, T. Plehn, Copenhagen 2004
  • Extra dimensions: G. Giudice, L. Alvarez-Gaume, A. Parker, Helsinki 2002
  • CP violation: R. Fleischer, Uppsala 2002
  • Top quark physics: C. Clement, Lund 2003
  • LHC physics Monte Carlo generators: T. Sjöstrand, Uppsala 2002, L. Lönnblad, Stockholm 2004
  • Start-up of the LHC: A. Lipniacka, Bergen 2003, S. Bentvelsen, Stockholm 2004
  • Statistical methods and data analysis at the LHC, B. King, S. Bentvelsen, Stockholm 2004
  • Particle identification at the LHC, P. Eerola, Bergen 2003

The following list shows some examples of research topics which have been investigated. For a full list, see the list of network publications.

Topic Participants
Supersymmetric B-decays Katri Huitu/Helsinki, Paula Eerola, Chafik Driouichi/Lund, Jerome Damet/Uppsala
H++ Katri Huitu, Sami Lehti/Helsinki
qqt --> gluino (tau decays) Katri Huitu/Helsinki
Supersymmetric R-hadrons Aafke Kraan/NBI, Torbjörn Sjöstrand/Lund
hh --> bbbar bbbar Per Osland/Bergen, Børge Gjelsten/Oslo
CP of Higgs Per Osland, Kari Myklevoll/Bergen, Børge Gjelsten/Oslo, Torbjörn Sjöstrand/Lund
Extra dimensions Paolo DiVecchia/Nordita, Martin Maul et al./Lund, Katri Huitu/Helsinki
Radions Per Osland/Bergen, Børge Gjelsten/Oslo
Charged Higgs Tord Ekelöf, Yann Coadou, Nils Gollub, C. Hansen/Uppsala Ritva Kinnunen/Helsinki
B decays Alex Khodjamirian/NBI, Paula Eerola, Chafik Driouichi/Lund Jerome Damet/Uppsala Peter Skands/Lund
CP violation in top decays Per Osland/Bergen, Jörgen Sjölin/Stockholm

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