Nordic network "Discovery Physics at the LHC"

Coming next: 14th Nordic LHC Physics Workshop in Stockholm, 14-16 May, 2007.

This particle physics network explores the physics discovery potential at the Large Hadron Collider, LHC. The aim is to pull together Nordic particle physicists, both theorists and experimentalists, in order to seed new physics ideas, and to study the experimental signatures of new physics. LHC is the main particle physics commitment in the Nordic countries for the next decade, and all the experimental groups are involved in the LHC experiments.
With this network we create new constellations between the Nordic experimental and theoretical particle physicists for exploiting the LHC. By enhancing the know-how among the Nordic physicists for discovery physics at the LHC we will be better prepared for the data analysis and interpretation right from the beginning of LHC operation at the highly competitive environment in the physics community.
Through regional co-operation we will greatly enhance supervision and teaching of research students. The intra-Nordic working groups would have a better possibility of supervising students and raising a new generation of physicists, who will exploit the LHC data. In individual universities there are limited resources for giving up-to-date courses in this rapidly evolving field — the Nordic network will help in concentrating the resources.

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