Network statistics


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Participants in workshops

Numbers in parentheses are the numbers of females.

Preparatory workshop, Lund 16-18 March 2000, 54(9) participants
SE 28(5): 20(3) researchers, 8(2) students
NO 5(0): 4(0) researchers, 1(0) student
DK 7(1): 6(0) researchers, 1(1) student
FI 10(2): 6(2) researchers, 4(0) students
Others 4(1): 4(1) invited researchers.

Preparatory workshop, Copenhagen 8-9 September 2000, 51(9) participants
SE 22(6): 15(4) researchers, 7(2) students
NO 5(0): 4(0) researchers, 1(0) students
DK 18(2): 10(1) researchers, 8(1) students
FI 5(1): 3(1) researchers, 2(0) students
Others 1(0): 1(0) invited researcher.

Oslo 16-17 March 2001, 55(12) participants
SE 13(4): 9(4) researchers, 4(0) students
NO 25(5): 12(2) researchers, 13(3) students
DK 9(1): 5(0) researchers, 4(1) students
FI 7(2): 5(2) researchers, 2(0) students
Others 1(0): 1(0) invited researcher.
Training course: "Higgs search at LEP, techniques and results" by A. Read (Oslo), 19 participants.

Stockholm 23-24 November 2001, 46(11) participants
SE 27(6): 18(6) researchers, 9(0) students
NO 8(2): 4(0) researchers, 4(2) students
DK 4(2): 2(0) researchers, 2(2) students
FI 3(1): 2(1) researchers, 1(0) student
Others 4(0): 4(0) invited researchers.
Training course: "Supersymmetry" by B. Grzadkowski, J. Rosiek, J. Kalinowski (Warsaw), S. Hellman, A. Lipniacka (Stockholm), 32 participants.

Helsinki 24-25 May 2002, 56(13) participants
SE 13(4): 10(4) researchers, 3(0) students
NO 12(4): 4(0) researchers, 8(4) students
DK 5(0): 4(0) researchers, 1(0) students
FI 23(5): 12(2) researchers, 11(3) student
Others 3(0): 3(0) invited researchers.
Training course: "Extra dimensions" by G. Giudice, L. Alvarez-Gaume (CERN), A. Parker (Cambridge), 35 participants.

Uppsala 12-13 November 2002, 47(10) participants
SE 23(4): 18(4) researchers, 5(0) students
NO 10(2): 3(0) researchers, 7(2) students
DK 6(2): 4(0) researchers, 2(2) students
FI 6(2): 5(2) researchers, 1(0) student
Others 2(0): 2(0) invited researchers.
Training courses: "CP violation" by R. Fleischer (CERN), "LHC Physics Monte Carlo generators" by T. Sjöstrand (Lund), 31 participants.

Bergen 8-10 May 2003, 44(11) participants
SE 9(3): 7(3) researchers, 2(0) students
NO 24(6): 8(1) researchers, 16(5) students
DK 8(1): 6(0) researchers, 2(1) students
FI 1(0): 0(0) researchers, 1(0) student
Others 2(1): 2(1) invited researchers.
Training courses: "SUSY at LHC" by G.Polesello (Pavia), "Higgs at LHC" by E. Richter-Was (Cracow and CERN), "Particle identification at LHC" by P. Eerola (Lund), "SUSY and Higgs at the Tevatron, LHC the first fb-1" by A. Lipniacka (Stockholm), 35 participants.

Lund 27-29 Nov 2003, 50(11)
SE 19(5): 11(3) researchers, 8(2) students
NO 17(3): 7(1) researchers, 10(2) students
DK 9(2): 5(1) researchers, 4(1) students
FI 4(1): 3(1) researchers, 1(0) student
Others 1(0): 1(0) participant from Estonia.
Training course: "Analysis methods: top quark analysis with the D0 data" by C. Clement (Stockholm),

Copenhagen 16-18 June 2004, 40(9)
SE 13(3): 9(2) researchers, 4(1) students
NO 14(3): 3(1) researchers, 11(2) students
DK 7(1): 4(0) researchers, 3(1) students
FI 2(1): 0(0) researchers, 2(1) student
Others 4(1): 4(1) invited researchers.
Training courses: "Probing the Higgs potential with hadron colliders" by D. Rainwater (DESY), "Determination of CP for the Higgs" by D. Miller (Edinburgh), "Reconstruction of supersymmetric models at LHC/LC" by S. Kraml (CERN), "Tools for Supersymmetry Analysis at the LHC" by T. Plehn (CERN),

Stockholm 12-13 November 2004, 59(11) participants
SE 30(5): 20(3) researchers, 10(2) students
NO 13(3): 3(1) researchers, 10(2) students
DK 5(1): 2(0) researchers, 3(1) students
FI 5(2): 3(2) researchers, 2(0) student
IS 1(0): 0(0) researchers, 1(0) student
EE 2(0): 1(0) researcher, 1(0) student
Others 3(0): 2(0) invited researchers, 1(0) contributed talk.
Training courses: "Statistical Methods for Early LHC Running" by B. King (Liverpool), "LHC in the First 12 Months" by S. Bentvelsen (NIKHEF), "How to Use Monte Carlos" by L. Lönnblad (Lund), "How not to Use Monte Carlos" by S. Bentvelsen (NIKHEF),

Oslo 17-19 August 2005, 36(7) participants
SE 7(2): 4(1) researchers, 3(1) students
NO 21(3): 9(1) researchers, 12(2) students
DK 6(1): 4(0) researchers, 2(1) students
IS 1(0): 0(0) researchers, 1(0) student
Others 1(1): 1(1) invited researcher.
Training courses: "Leptogenesis and possible signals at LHC" by M. Lola (Patras), ATLAS Analysis Tutorial.

Spaatind 4-10 January 2006, combined with 19th Nordic Particle Physics meeting, 53(10) participants
SE 18(4): 8(1) researchers, 10(3) students
NO 17(3): 8(1) researchers, 9(2) students
DK 9(2): 3(0) researchers, 6(2) students
FI 3(1): 2(1) researchers, 1(0) student
IS 1(0): 0(0) researchers, 1(0) student
Others 5(0): 5(0) invited researchers.
Training courses: a wide range of overview talks of 2-3 hours, for the full programme see here .

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