The 19'th Nordic Particle Physics Meeting
Spåtind 2006

Practical information

Instructions for participants

The arrival day, with bus transportation from Oslo airport Gardermoen to Spåtind will be Wednesday 4 January 2006. In order to catch the conference buses, you should choose a flight which arrives at Oslo airport at the latest at 2:00 pm. Estimated duration of the bus drive is a little less than three hours.

Bus transportation from the hotel to the airport will take place on Tuesday 10 January 2006. When booking the return flight, you can assume that the bus will be at the airport at 1 pm.

If you are not coming with the conference bus, please notice that there is a 'flybuss' F13, that departs once every other hour (depending on the time of the day), from Oslo airport to Gjøvik, see here . Gjøvik is located 60 km southeast of Synnseter where the Spåtind hotel is. There are also trains between Oslo and Gjøvik, see here . It seems, however, that it is very difficult to get by public transportation from Gjøvik to Dokka, which is 35 km south of Synnseter - see here . From Gjøvik (or Dokka) you could try to get a taxi, but it is very expensive. A better method is to call the hotel and agree on a private transportation. In one known case the charge for a taxi from Spåtind to Dokka was roughly 1000 NOK.
There are also other public bus connections from Oslo to Dokka. The best one is probably buss no 148 leaving 08:00 from Oslo airport (lufthavn) to Lillehammer, and continuing with buss no 162 at 10.10 from Lillehammer to Dokka, see here .

Driving directions to Spåtind, 2880 Nord-Torpa, Norway: You can find driving instructions for example here.

Distance from Oslo is 166 km, from Bergen 511 km, from Stockholm 638 km, from Copenhagen 769 km, and from Helsinki 885 km (via Turku-Kapellskär).

However, non-local participants are strongly advised to arrange the travel in such a way that you will be able to use the standard conference bus.

There is no fee for the bus transportation. The conference fee (not for invited speakers) is NOK 700, and will be collected upon arrival. Please make sure to have Norwegian currency. Participants should pay the accommodation, which includes full board and lodging, directly to the hotel during the conference. Prices are NOK 845/night in a single room, NOK 745/night in a shared double room, NOK 1495/night for a double room for two persons. Family rooms are available on request. For 4-13 year old children the charge is 50 %. Major credit cards are accepted. There is a possibility for students within the Nordic LHC physics network to obtain financial support for the hotel accommodation (see registration).

Local weather at the hotel, and on top of the Spåtind fjell. .

Contact information
Tel.: +46 46 222 7693 (U. Mjörnmark), +46 46 222 7695 (P. Eerola)
Fax: +46 46 222 4015
Address: The Spåtind Conference 2006, c/o P. Eerola, Dept. of Physics, Lund University P.O.Box 118, SE-22100 Lund

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