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Data format


The first word in the FEB is always the total length of the event.Then follows for each VSAT event, pointers, summary words, the length of this VSAT event, and the FADC data. The summary words contains information added by the DSP program and the status registers. The status registers are described in section 2.2.6 Pointers are added before the data, to handle a flexible length.

At T2YES is the transferred to the FIP, where it is encapsulated in the normal DELPHI standard format. The FIP T2 processing format the DELPHI T2 event into the separate VSAT events. A VSAT event will then contains the blocklets:

The T3 formatting is done in a similar way as for the FDDPs. T2YES events which are not accepted by DELPHI are removed. The T2 and T3 buffers are shown in figure 6.

Ulf Mjoernmark
Fri Apr 21 14:33:36 METDST 1995