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ALICE beast machine admin info

This page contains information on how to manage the ALICE beast machine.

For a description of the machine hardware and WIP click here

Admin rights

Direct access to root user is discouraged. Administrators should use the sudo command to become root.

Adding an administrator

To elect a new administrator, it is enough to add them to the wheel unix group.

:!: Fiddling with sudo configuration files is strongly discouraged. :!:

usermod -aG wheel <username>


usermod -aG wheel pflorido

Software installation

For system/distribution software installation it is recommended to use the yum command and the rpm system. Centos7 is a RedHat based distribution. The commands are pretty much the same as ubuntu. Here I give you a quick reference of most useful commands.

Search for a package

yum search <string>


yum search tmux

Install a package

yum install <packagename>


yum install tmux

Find which package contains a specific file

yum provides */<expression>


yum provides */libboost*

upgrade system packages

yum upgrade

You will be asked to accept the changes.

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