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How to access the Aurora Cluster

The Aurora cluster is part of the SNIC infrastructure and is managed by Lunarc. This means that to access it, a user needs to have a SNIC account and has to join a specific project.

The current Lunarc login system is based on a one time password shared via mobile phone. This means that to access Aurora you must be able to receive SMS. Currently there is no other way of accessing the cluster.

Prerequisite: Get a SUPR account

Follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on
    1. :!: Insert your mobile phone information. It is needed to access aurora.
  2. Login and choose to join the project called HEP 2016/1-1
  3. Wait to receive a password from Lunarc

SSH - Shell access

Once you have a SUPR account, you can login to Aurora using the username and password that Lunarc gave you, and remember that you need a mobile phone to complete access.

Required software:

On Linux or Mac, you should have the ssh client already installed. On Windows you can use putty and optionally some XWindows emulator. More info here: xwindowswithmswindows

Login procedure

access aurora via the hostname, example:

 ssh -X 

When asked about the OTP code, check your mobile phone and insert the code you just received.

Generic login documentation from Lunarc is here:

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