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Basic information about the Cluster

The cluster is currently composed of the following: two nodes for testing, a storage server, an interface for batch processing than manages shared access to 10 computing nodes. A gateway is still maintained for a short time.

  • the nodes for testing allow users to run interactive jobs. More about them can be read in testnodes
  • the storage server is used to maintain user home folders, software and data. See Common files organization below for details.
  • the batch processing inrterface allows you to run many jobs and schedules them in a fair way using the ARC software|
  • the nodes are the place where you will actually run your code. Each node has:
    • a simple name: nX, where X is the number of the node. i.e. n1 is node number 1.
    • 16 cores
    • 64GB of RAM
    • access to all folder served by the storage server. This means that a researcher will have her own home folder regardless of the node she's logging in.
    • the batch
    • the gateway was used for users to access the cluster, but now will be phased out or allocated for other purposes.

To access the cluster, you'll need an account on it. Contact Florido Paganelli or Pico to get access.

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