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Using the batch interface

Q: Why do I need this?
A: You need this if you want to submit hundreds of jobs on multiple nodes without the need for managing their execution one by one.

The batch interface is used to submit multiple jobs to the cluster and let the machine do the scheduling for you, using a fair queuing system.

Iridium currently supports two kinds of batch interfaces:

The SLURM batch system

Can be used for old-style batch job submission.

  • Files and environment must be set up by the user
  • All paths are relative to cluster storage.

The NorduGrid ARC GRID interface

Part of this software has been designed and developed here in Lund. Can be used if input/output files reside on GRID or remote storage (i.e. paths are relative to some remote cluster or storage ) and each job needs different but well established environments (i.e. software packages, environment variables etc.) so that one does not need to manually download the files and script the environment setup.

The ARC interface will

  • Download/upload input and output files automatically.
  • Set up the environment automatically.

Use of this interface requires a GRID certificate and subscription to the NorduGrid Virtual Organization (VO).


Details on how to use these two methods have been topic of a course by Oxana Smirnova and Balázs Kónya from Particle Physics here in Lund. The course material can be found here:

The course has been held during the spring term 2014. It can be repeated upon request. Contact Oxana for any information.

Another course on programming for science held during the Fall term has been touching these topics. The contents of the course can be found here:

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