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Iridium Cluster Testing nodes

Q: Why do I need this?
A: You need this if you want to test your code on some powerful machine.

The cluster has two testing nodes accessible from anywhere that should be used for testing your code.

hostname purpose test node for nuclear physics test node for particle physics

They can also be used from time to time to host courses.

They are meant for interactive access to the cluster, as opposed to the batch interface that can be used for batch submission of jobs. (link and explanation will come)

Accessing the Testing nodes

These nodes can be simply accessed via ssh. Ask Florido Paganelli or Pico for access credentials.



setup the work environment

Administrators provided scripts for quick setup of your work enviroment. Just execute the command in the column Script to run at the shell prompt, or add it to your .bashrc or .bash_profile file so that is executed every time you login.

The following are active now:

Environment Script to run Description
ATLAS Experiment environment setupATLAS Will setup all the neeeded environment variables for ATLAS experiment, and present a selection of other environments that the user can setup.

Local disk space on the test nodes

Every node has a local /tmp temporary disk space that can be used for computations. The contents of such space will be deleted regularly. Users can put any sort of data there.

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