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Scheduled Maintenance

Upgrade of machines 2014

Machines to upgrade: 56

Reasons: Main reason is to avoid security holes and update libraries. Since updating libraries might cause issues when using existing code, a set of machines with a specific version of the OS can be maintained to prevent and cross check compilation issues. Further information in Situation and Selection criterias

Tentative Schedule

NOTE: The expected update time for each machine is between 2 and 3 hours.

Key Definitions
WorkstationA desktop machine which people uses by sitting in front of. Usually located in offices.
Remote WorkstationA machine which people uses only through ssh access. Usually located in a server room.
ServerA machine that is used by the infrastructure, usually only accessed directly by an Admin. Usually located in a server room.

OpenSuse 11.2 to OpenSuSE 13.1:

vesuvioRemote Workstation 18/09/2014
capricciosaRemote Workstation 18/09/2014
deerWorkstation 18/09/2014

OpenSuse 11.4 to OpenSuSE 13.1


Status of other machines

Will NOT be updated (might be updated upon request, they will be updated in a future scheduled maintenance)

rydeRemote WorkstationOpenSUSE 11.2128
calzoneRemote WorkstationOpenSUSE 11.2488
satyriconRemote WorkstationOpenSUSE 11.412824
kaonWorkstationOpenSUSE 11.242
neutronWorkstationOpenSUSE 11.282
gereWorkstationOpenSUSE 11.4168
heimdallWorkstationOpenSUSE 11.4168
r2d2WorkstationOpenSUSE 11.4168
rindWorkstationOpenSUSE 11.4168
lynxWorkstationOpenSUSE 11.4328
eddaWorkstationOpenSUSE 11.43212

Should be substituted with new machines:

hazelWorkstationOpenSUSE 11.222
mangoWorkstationOpenSUSE 11.222
ciderWorkstationOpenSUSE 11.432

Should be removed or reassigned:

valhallRemote WorkstationGentoo82

Vespa Cluster

To be scheduled.

Selection criterias

  1. Target upgrade is to OpenSuSE 13.1 for two reasons:
    1. It seems to have the most up-to-date libraries that suit most needs
    2. Evergreen support has been announced until November 2016, see
  2. Machines with OpenSuse 11.2 must be updated first. Support stopped 2013, see
    1. Some OpenSuse 11.2 machines will be left to avoid compilation issues, so that users can still have the same environment
    2. Machines will be selected in a way that there is at least an old machine with the same memory/processor for each updated one.
  3. Machines with OpenSuse 11.4 will be updated next. Support stopped July 2014 (
    1. See selection criterias above.
  4. Servers will be updated last, from the least to the most important.
    1. The most important ones will be updated after the other machines. A special schedule will follow as it will affect everybody.


OpenSuSE dropped or will drop support for most of the OS versions we have. As a result the machines are at security risk and most of the libraries will stay obsoleted and without bugfixes. Sources:

Planned Upgrade is to OpenSuSE 13.1 – although 13.2 will be released in November. – the reason is that they seem to have the most updated libraries, even newer that Ubuntu. Support will continue until November 2016.

  • High Priority: 30
    • Reason: OpenSuSE 11.2 not maintained anymore
    • Of which:
      • Servers: 4
      • Workstations: 22
      • Remote Workstations: 4
  • Medium Priority: 22
    • Reason: OpenSuSE 11.4 not maintained anymore
    • Of which:
      • Servers: 2
      • Workstations: 19
      • Remote Workstations: 1
  • Low priority: 4
    • Reason: OpenSuSE 12.3 still supported until Sept. 15th 2014 (this year). No plan to extend so far. See
    • Of which:
      • Servers: 1
      • Workstations: 3
      • Remote Workstations: 0
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