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Scheduled Maintenance

Upgrade of machines 2015

Machines to upgrade: N/A

Reasons: Main reason is to avoid security holes and have latest libraries/software. Situation and Selection criterias Some machines also need to be changed because they are too old.

Tentative Schedule

NOTE: The expected update time for each machine is between 2 and 3 hours.

Key Definitions
WorkstationA desktop machine which people uses by sitting in front of. Usually located in offices.
Remote WorkstationA machine which people uses only through ssh access. Usually located in a server room.
ServerA machine that is used by the infrastructure, usually only accessed directly by an Admin. Usually located in a server room.
Date hostname Type Memory(GB) Cores Operating System Upgrade description
2015-02-27pongoServer68OpenSUSE 11.2Update to CentOS 6 - Upgrade disks
2015-03-02cleoWorkstation22OpenSUSE 11.4Consider update to Lubuntu 12.04/Kubuntu 12.04 32bit
2015-04-27phenix4Server0,7681OpenSUSE 11.2change machine (no new HW)
2015-04-28piffServer22Scientific Linux 5.5Discuss with grid group - Buy a virtualization machine?
2015-04-28smeeWorkstation22OpenSUSE 12.1Update to Lubuntu 12.04/Kubuntu
buy HWfnatteServer12AMDOpenSUSE 10.3 license server - storage: buy new HW
buy HWmagicaServer88OpenSUSE 11.3 New services i.e. git-svn? and Update to CentOS 6, buy new HW
buy HWteddiServer12OpenSUSE 12.1Update to CentOS 6, increase mem, buy new HW
buy HWwinifredServer12OpenSUSE 12.1Buy new small machine for TV and decommission
Debian 6 expires 2016 tjatteWorkstation22Debian 6Consider update to Lubuntu 12.04/Debian 7 32bit
SLC5 expires 2017kajsaWorkstation22Scientific Linux CERN 5.11Update to SL6?
SLC5 expires 2017kalleWorkstation42Scientific Linux CERN 5.10Update to SL6?
SLC5 expires 2017pennyWorkstation22Scientific Linux CERN 5.10Update to SL6?
SLC5 expires 2017phenix3Workstation0,7681Scientific Linux CERN 5.10Move indico server to department and decommission machine
N/AlufsenServer0,5121Ubuntu 12.04Change hardware

Status of other machines

Will NOT be updated (might be updated upon request, they will be updated in a future scheduled maintenance)


Should be substituted with new machines:


Should be removed or reassigned:


Iridium Cluster

To be scheduled.

Selection criterias

Machines with unsupported operating systems should be upgraded. However:

  1. For Workstations/Remote Workstations with memory less than or equal to 2GB, the target upgrade will be Lubuntu 12.04 (Supported until Apr, 2017 see
  2. For Workstations/Remote Workstations with memory above 2GB, the target upgrade will be Ubuntu 14.04 (Supported until Apr, 2019 see
  3. For Servers, the target upgrade will be CentOS 6 (Supported until November 30th, 2020 see


OpenSuSE dropped or will drop support for most of the OS versions we have. As a result the machines are at security risk and most of the libraries will stay obsoleted and without bugfixes. Sources:

Some machines running Scientific Linux have unsupported libraries and hardware.

Planned Upgrade is either to Lubuntu 12.04 or Ubuntu 14.04 for Workstations/Remote Workstations or Centos 6.5 for Servers.

  • High Priority: Num
    • Reason: OpenSuSE 11.2 not maintained anymore
    • Of which:
      • Servers:
      • Workstations:
      • Remote Workstations:
  • Medium Priority: Num
    • Reason: OpenSuSE 11.4 not maintained anymore
    • Of which:
      • Servers:
      • Workstations:
      • Remote Workstations:
  • Low priority: Num
    • Reason:
    • Of which:
      • Servers:
      • Workstations:
      • Remote Workstations:

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