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Overview of IT services

Here's a quick overview of IT services at Lund University.

LDC services, for everyone at LU

Main IT services are provided by LDC (Lunds DataCentral). Unfortunately the LU/LDC knowledge base platform is unable to provide a centralized way of accessing information. Below I try to summarize useful links, but they keep changing all the time. I apologize if they are incorrect.

An overview of the services can now be found at (requires LUCAT login)

I try to summarize some links:

For updated information on these, refer to LDC pages:

For user oriented documentation:

Department of Physics services

Some IT services are maintained by the Department of Physics. These are:

  • Cloud backup OwnCloud
    • Similar to dropbox. Contact Florido or Lennart for an account and details.
  • Indico server

Division-specific IT services

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