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Iridium cluster

Iridium cluster is a computing facility to serve researchers from Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics at Lund University.

It is currently maintained by Florido Paganelli with the help of the Lunarc team.


By the 15th of July:

  • 1) setup a direct ssh access to at least one of the computing nodes
  • 2) configure storage server with minimal services for users (e.g. home folders)
  • 3) install application software for researchers to run test jobs. This will include the use of CERNVM and needs some coordination with Lunarc.
  • 4) install grid interfaces for researchers to run test grid jobs.

By the end of July:

  • 5) understand how to interact with existing grid storage present at Lunarc (this is mostly for particle physics and can be done independently from other tasks)
  • 6) understand how to access other kind of datasets (e.g. where/how to store PRESPEC-AGATA dataset from Nuclear Physics)
  • 7) Start pilot tests with users from particle physics and nuclear physics. In this phase we will be able to see how resource management should be done for an optimal use of the cluster.

Tech documents

Description of the cluster. Some of these documents might have restricted access. Contact me if you need to access those.

Captain's log

Here I am keeping trace of the work I am doing on the cluster, for everybody to track progress.

The logs can be read top to bottom from the most recent change to the newest.

Florido Paganelli 2013/07/10 16:39

  • understanding Cernvm-fs deployment
  • planning storage server space allocation
  • updating documents

Florido Paganelli 2013/07/08 16:34

  • configured storage server storage-iridium operating system. Storage disks need configuration, will be done once CERNVM is understood. TODO: use of xfs, configuration of 10GB interface
  • updated pictures in Tech_documents

Florido Paganelli 2013/07/05 17:53

  • configured service machine service-iridium
  • configured iptables and NAT routing on sshgateway
  • configured NIS server on service-iridium
  • configured NIS client on sshgateway
  • configured iptables for NIS on service-iridium

Florido Paganelli 2013/07/02 13:54

  • Setup wiki to keep track of progress
  • Created a machine sshgateway to be used as main ssh gateway and to host some of the services.
  • Configured frontend kvm-iridium machine networking to be ready for hosting.


  • Faulty PSU on node Chassis 1 replaced with Alarik spare. Waiting for replacement part to come.
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