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Storage on Aurora

Storage in the Aurora cluster is organized as detailed by Lunarc. Read the following:

The home folders are maintained and backed up by Lunarc, and they are in a special storage machine dedicated to users.

Basic rules

Please follow these rules to keep the storage tidy.

  1. Whenever you need to move data to one of the shared folders below,
    create a folder with a name than can be understood by everyone and put the data in there.
  2. If the data has been generated by you or if it is for your exclusive use, create a folder with your username to accomodate the data.
    In this way you keep your data away from unwanted people and you can set all the permissions you want on it.
    • Data found outside a folder named after a user it is a good candidate to be deleted. Of course there can be exceptions when needed.
  3. Remove data that you don't use, for example from the scratch folders. Be kind to your colleagues! storage has a cost.
  4. Follow the instructions at Moving Data to and from the Aurora cluster when you start moving data around.

Nuclear, Particle and Theoretical Physics

Dedicated Shared storage server on Aurora

In particular, the HEP nodes dedicated storage usable by members of all divisions is accessible on hep nodes au[193-216] at this path:


:!: /project/hep/fs2 is a symbolic link to /project/hep/nobackup

The organization of data in the above folder is as follows, and users are encouraged to enforce it:

Folder name Folder purpose Description Subfolders
software Application software This folder hosts software that is not accessible via cvmfs (see later). This usually includes user/project specific libraries and frameworks. /np for Nuclear Physics users
/pp for Particle Physics users
/tp for Theoretical Physics users
shared Data that will stay for long term This folder should be used for long-term stored data. For example, long-term data sets or data needed for the whole duration of a phd project or shared among people belonging to the same research group. /np for Nuclear Physics users
/pp for Particle Physics users
/tp for Theoretical Physics users
scratch Data that will stay for short term This folder should be used for short-term stored data. For example, data needed for a week long calculation or temporary calculation. This folder should be considered unreliable as its contents will be purged from time to time. The cleanup interval is yet to be decided /np for Nuclear Physics users
/pp for Particle Physics users
/tp for Theoretical Physics users

Other special folders:

/cvmfs Special folder containing CERN maintained software user cannot write This special folder is dedicated to software provided by CERN. This folder is read-only. Usually the content of this folder are managed via specific scripts that a user can run. If you need to add some software that you cannot find, contact the administrators. / for Nuclear Physics users
/ for Particle Physics users

Dedicated storage for Particle Physics

Particle Physics can share data to the Iridium Cluster and has two additional storage servers listed below for their exclusive use.

Users not belonging to the division of Particle Physics might be warned to remove their data from those storages, unless otherwise agreed with the Particle Physics division.

Storage on Iridium

The Iridium storage is still accessible at


Please refer to the documentation at basic_information for it.

Additional dedicated storage

There are two storage servers installed for the exclusive use of Particle Physics. The recommendation is to use these instead of /project/hep/nobackup so to give space to the other users of it.

:!: /project/hep/fs2 is a symbolic link to /project/hep/nobackup

Server Size (Max) Storage paths Intended usage
fs3 35TB /projects/hep/fs3/shared data that is meant to stay for long time
fs4 35TB /projects/hep/fs4/scratch temporary data
fs5 125TB /projects/hep/fs5/shared data that is meant to stay for long time
/projects/hep/fs5/scratch temporary data
fs6 125TB /projects/hep/fs6/shared data that is meant to stay for long time
/projects/hep/fs6/scratch temporary data

Grid storage

Lunarc hosts a grid storage for ATLAS. Currently we are migrating from a 20TB storage to a 100TB.

The local storage name is

One can interact through it using the Rucio client.

Details on how to access this storage are at this page:

More on how to do transfers at Moving data to and from the cluster

Mathematical Physics

At the moment, only the user folders are available. We are negotiating a 10TB common storage with Lunarc. More information is soon to come.

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